I love seeing the various ways teachers try to organize and contain their students on field trips – whether it’s beanies or jackets or literally tying the kids into a line it’s funny how pragmatic need intersects with how we treat our children.

After coworking for a while we ate at a truly-Mexican restaurant. The menu was so confusing and busy – it was perfect. Everything about this place proves that quantity is far more important than quality.


Our favorite place to work was Santa Eulalia. This cafe is built right on top of an old city wall. You can see it through the floor – if you look carefully and use your imagination you can see that a strip of the floor – about three feet wide (or one meter) is glass. Under the glass is the old wall. Santa Eulalia had good coffee, food, and a great big table.


At the end of this packed-day a few of us took off to an Armenian restaurant. We were warned that the owner would dote on Armenia and we weren’t let down! Everything was best in Armenia, everything we know in our civilization came from Armenia, the people and food is best in Armenia. Two us shared a variety of steamed dumplings and yes, the insides were filled with a very hot broth.

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