After a few weeks in the heat it was refreshing for some cool again. I like having seasons of change. Vienna was a stark contrast to Sri Lanka though in other ways too. I joined a few other coworkers almost every day I was there and it was wonderful having an office again. Sadly I didn’t meet my Airbnb host but I think we would have gotten along well.


While there I goofed up big time: didn’t think to check into the drain line for the washing machine before I used it. For those readers in the US you need to understand that washing machines in many parts of the world aren’t permanently-connected to water lines. This is especially true in older places without the plumbing. In my apartment in Vienna the drain hose was supposed to empty into the bathtub; I forgot to put it in there. At 12:30am I went in to empty my laundry and discovered a flood – oh dear. That took a while to try and soak up but it took the rest of the day with the open window to dry up.

I’ve never seen such wallpaper but in a strange way I like it.


One day while waiting on my coworkers I found a cafe they had real coffee plants. It was my first time seeing them despite having had so much coffee in my life. The red fruits are the “cherries.”


My “purpose” for coming to Vienna was to speak about the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress. Here is what an auditorium looks like before a talk and before everyone comes in – I was nervous.


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