Qatar Airways, like most middle-eastern airlines, offers a stopover package. If you are flying through the region and stay a day or two extra they will supplement or pay for a nice hotel stay. A few years ago I planned one of these in Dubai but my plane broke down and I had a terrible disaster story trying to get back home. This time is was successful.

While working in a Costa Coffee by the coast I watched a team of workers move the pavers on the broadway about an inch or two from where they started. I don’t know why they had to redo the entire set but it brings back the adage “measure twice cut once.” Strangely I envied the work they were doing. While I was coding inside (which I love) I was reminded of building a paver patio and wished I could take a break with some manual labor. It was pretty hot outside though.


If you haven’t flown on the A380 it’s hard to describe how big it is. It’s largely seen as a financial failure but there are few planes more enjoyable to fly in. They’ve put full bars on some, bedrooms, suites, and all sorts of other enhancements with the space. Airports had to build special loading zones for them.


Flight is amazing. It never ceases to inspire me. From takeoff out of Doha you see all the fake islands built by pouring sand into the sea and then on top of which people build high-rise apartments. And who knew Turkey had such high snow-capped mountains! It’s not the image I normally have when I think about it.

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