The Mumbai airport is a nice place at night because it’s full of darker corners and plants (meaning that you can sleep or rest in quiet there). Unfortunately I made a big mistake: I spent several hours in limbo.

My flight came in via Sri Lankan airlines but left via Qatar Airlines. When I landed I had to pass through security to pick up my bag but then had to checkin again; I assumed that I could turn around immediately and re-enter the airport. Well, the armed guards let me in the airport to get to the checkout counters but the Qatar counter was closed for another three hours. I couldn’t get out of the airport for security reasons but I couldn’t get past security either because I had to checkin my bag. Thankfully there was a cafe before security where I was able to sit and calm down. My stress level went from null to high-alert rapidly during that escapade. My best friends were able to help talk me down and be there for me.

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