Usually when I stay away from the city center I find that I enjoy cities more than I have in the past. This was true for Paris which I originally didn’t enjoy that much but also true in Vienna which I loved the moment I first visited.


Working with coworkers was stabilizing for me but the city itself is clean and pedestrian-friendly. Being in German-speaking places is kind of like cheating to me; it’s easy and it feels like home. They even had on display at a knick-knack store the famed Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursachern – the “Clack” in the picture. They sit atop a cooked egg and you lift the metal ball, drop it, and when it hits the bell it splits the top of the egg shell off in a clean circle.


Because of my coworkers I actually spent little time by myself. At night I fell asleep right away and in the morning I walked into the “office.” Even went to se a movie with my friend and coworker.

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