In Plaza Mayor there’s a “fat Spiderman” who hangs around with his “mini me.” It doesn’t make sense why he’s there but I think he’s a kind of fixture. There’s nothing particularly Madrid about it either – just a place where people gather. Who knows his reasons?

IMG_7062This picture may look similar to others I have taken along Spanish residential streets. I find them pretty in an organic way. The smooth surfaces and concrete planes common around big cities is broken by windows and planters and balconies.


For some reason I find this shot compelling. There’s depth and motion and colors and shadows; all on a walk to work.


And then there was work. This little cafe had a coworking office attached but I sat in front by the window. They had the best cappuccino (according to my taste) in Madrid. Their furniture was pretty plain glazed OSB board and evoked a fresh minimalist feel. Although the tables were short (they folded down into the wall) the seats were comfy.


Just another turn on a gorgeous day and the colors couldn’t be better. This was right outside the cafe I worked at – it’s on the left wall of houses. Madrid is a typically hot city but it’s full of greenery and parks. This is next to the Cathedral of San Francisco the Great. If you walk to the far edge it overlooks a park below, seen in the following video clip.

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