There’s a style of residential facade I haven’t seen in any other place, or at least not so prevalently. These large glass-panel windows are everywhere and to me that’s one aspect of its style that to me will say “oh yeah, Bilbao.”

The night walks were both calming and beautiful. It’s a smaller quieter city unlike many of the European capitals and super cities. Sadly I never did take my big camera out with its tripod to capture some of the scenes I wanted to – I was exhausted after days of work with my team.

There also aren’t too many tall buildings in the city and so they really stand out when you do find one.


Sometimes you find a great little hole-in-the-wall place to eat and sometimes you find a dud. We tried to grab dinner at this bizarro place where the tables stared back at you but ended up leaving for a much better experience (in part due to the fact that we had a reservation but still had waited about forty minutes without a table).


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