So an American and two Italians walk into a café in England…sounds like a joke but actually it was a pleasant and relaxing day visiting a coworker and her husband; got me out of the bustle of London and they took me all around Reading, which I hadn’t previously visited.

This is the Thames river – it’s much quieter than it is down the line. Despite some rain it was quite lovely walking around the marshy recreational areas along the banks. Microsoft and Oracle both have offices just a bit past where we walked.


Some of my friends love birds, and by “love” I mean “are terrified” of them. This was nothing special about Reading or England, but it was…excessive? And yes, they did want to attack us.

Sadly I couldn’t stay. I had to say goodbye to these great people.


In Reading I saw a church in Roman brick styling that was built hundreds of years ago while back at Kilburn High Road I saw a “church” in corrugated aluminum styling that was…built?…quite recently.

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