There was a very small area of the gardens that the green birds seemed to have territorial hegemony over. They weren’t afraid of flying to you. I tricked one with empty peanut shells I found on the ground but they learned quick that I had nothing to offer. They were not welcoming of immigrants – birds that looked different than them – and they viciously fought to maintain their monoculture.

St James Park on this day was packed due to the exceptional and rare weather in London. Unfortunately I had to join a team meeting so I sat down on the grass, tethered to my phone, and did just that. It was one pleasant meeting. #remotework


In my years I’ve taken many trips with Megabus. They gave me faith again in busses in the United States and I even took many rides between Indianapolis and Chicago for $1 each way. I’ve never before seen the Megabus man in person though, but now I have.  That’s Trafalgar Square in the background.


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