WordCamp London brought me back to the Queen’s city; sadly Big Ben is shut down for maintenance so we had no idea what time it was. By luck I was able to witness his last ring for four years while I was there last August. Sweet dreams, Ben.

We had a booth as usual but I staffed the booth which is not usual. I’m almost always at the Happiness Bar answering questions and fixing websites for people. I’ve done this at almost every WordPress conference I’ve been to and I enjoy helping people in that way but it’s time for a break. I want to enjoy the conference and spend time with people without being on duty. A clip-on fisheye lens from another one of the sponsors made for novel perspectives.

This is my polar opposite when it comes to stickers. You may not know but I have an irrational fear of stickers (well, I’m just saying you won’t find them voluntarily on anything I own). @CaroleOlinger is known for her purple top hat which she wears and she has a custom sticker of herself in it.


The venue coffee was awful; it always is. So I walked to Vagabond N7 for a delicious cup. They had their machine and grinder gears on display.

And dogs always inspire. The entire train car was staring; I think the dogs love it. Also, this gray dog is the first I’ve seen who resembles my brother’s dog Colby – different color but the same fur.


LEGOs inspire too and LEGO finally learns that “for girls” means more than pink colors and house play sets. This may be the third LEGO store I’ve been to and it was the largest so far. On the other side of the camera a LEGO man in a minister’s wig was throwing a pie at a constable from the other side of Big Ben while LEGO Sherlock Holmes was inspecting another pie on the ground with his LEGO magnifying glass.

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